The RSPCA in Derby is urging people who are head over heels for hamsters to get in touch – after the centre became inundated with 40 baby hamsters.


Twelve adult Syrian hamsters were taken in to the Abbey Street rehoming centre last month by an RSPCA inspector, after they weren’t being cared for properly in their previous home – however, it soon became apparent that all of the females were pregnant.

Since then, 40 babies have been born and are now also being cared for at the branch.

Animal care manager Lucy Bell said: “They are all absolutely adorable and all of the staff have fallen in love with them, however we’d love to get them into new homes.

“We are appealing for anyone who would like to adopt an adult or a baby to get in touch. Also, if anyone has an unused hamster cage in their garage or shed that they would like to donate to us or any hamster food or bedding, that would be wonderful too.”

Lucy added that anyone who is interested in adopting a hamster should research their needs first. She said: “​Syrian hamsters in particular are not naturally sociable and are better housed individually.”

Hamsters can live for up to two years, and need owners who are going to stay interested in them and committed to them all their lives. As basic requirements, a hamster needs:

  • A cage at least 70x40x40cm (30x15x15ins) with a nesting box, different levels for climbing and plenty of suitable clean bedding.

  • A diet of mixed seeds, grains and nuts.

  • Veterinary care when they are sick or injured.

  • Plenty of exercise and attention.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the hamsters should contact the branch on 01332 344620.

For more information and advice on how to care for hamsters, see our guide here: