Having spent the last couple of months in RSPCA care, they were released back to the wild

Four grey seals were released on the Pembroke Coast, near Saint Brides Bay, after being rescued and rehabilitated by RSPCA Cymru to get them fit and healthy ready for their return to the sea.

The four seals had all been rescued separately across Wales over the last few months and were given round the clock care and rehabilitation at an RSPCA centre.

Over the winter months, the RSPCA receives a number of calls from members of the public about stranded seal pups. However, not all lone seal pups have been abandoned. RSPCA Cymru advises that if you find a seal pup that looks fit and healthy, and doesn’t show any signs of distress, it is best to monitor it from a safe distance for 24 hours.

Please do not touch seal pups (they can give a nasty bite) and keep dogs and other animals away from them.

If the mother does not return within 24 hours, or you think that the pup is sick or injured, please do call the RSPCA 24-hour advice and cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

The four seals were also tagged, which does not cause the seals any problems, so that if anyone spots the seals in the future they can report them to us so we can see where they have gone.

Animal Collection Officer, Ellie West, said “This is the best part of being a member of the RSPCA inspectorate – seeing animals back into their natural habitat. I am grateful to Welsh Marine Life Rescue for their help in releasing these seals back into the sea.

“We do get a number of calls about abandoned seal pups and it’s great that we are able to rescue them, give them the care they need and get them back out into the sea. I would like to remind members of public to follow our advice about leaving wild animals alone, for 24-hours, before contacting us, as human presence may hinder rather than help.”

A video of the grey seals being released is available at our Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/c7ldsfEMZD0

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