The sheep was rescued after falling down cliffs near Cwm-Yr-Eglwys, Pembrokeshire and rescued by the RSPCA National Sea Boat Rescue Team

A team of RSPCA inspectors and animal welfare officers (AWO), have rescued a sheep by boat after it fell down cliffs near Cwm-Yr-Eglwys, Pembrokeshire.

The sheep had been stuck at the bottom of the cliffs for five days after attempts by rope rescue were not suitable due to the inaccessibility of the cliffs. The rescue was carried out by a team from across Wales and England, who are specially trained in boat rescues, and included AWOs Andrew Harris and Steve Donohue, Animal Collection Officer Steve Smith and inspector Rohan Barker.

Once they were back on dry land, the sheep was returned to their owner and was uninjured from the dramatic experience.

Animal Welfare Officer, Andrew Harris, said “Thankfully the weather conditions were perfect with little wind and a bit of sunshine however, the sea was still quite a bit rough.

“We carry out several of these types of rescue a year across Wales and it’s fantastic that we can undertake to save animals, who for whatever reason, have fallen from safety.”

A video of the rescue is available on Youtube:

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