We have been inundated with requests from supporters, with queries about the on-going welfare of the dogs involved, following a recent Local Authority case in Ceredigion. Please see below a statement from RSPCA Cymru.

Cymru_logo_stacked_CMYKRSPCA Cymru statement:

“RSPCA Cymru is closely monitoring this situation, following the imposition of a disqualification order to an illegal dog breeder in Ceredigion. As part of this ban, a 21-day period was given for the owner to comply with the disqualification order. The man was also handed a nine-week suspended prison sentence, and banned from keeping dogs for a four-year period.

“We share the strong sense of feeling towards the poor dogs involved. Their on-going welfare remains a high priority for RSPCA Cymru – as it always has been. Indeed – in October 2016 – we offered to provide whatever intelligence and investigatory support we could with regards to this prosecution. Our offer was not taken up, so the Council took on sole responsibility for the animals involved and the subsequent legal proceedings.

“Every day, we are investigating similar cases of neglect across the country and where cases develop we provide boarding and care for the animals concerned, until the case is resolved.

“We continue to stand ready to provide whatever support we can to protect the dogs involved, and help ensure the animals enjoy a second chance of happiness. Transparency about the future location of these dogs is very important, and we call on the Council to outline the location of all dogs involved in this incident and the condition the dogs are in.

“The RSPCA is ready to take the remaining dogs into our care, if they are signed over to us. To this end, we seek answers from the Local Authority concerning their plans to help ensure a new home for the dogs, as we approach the implementation of the disqualification order.

“Sadly, illegal dog breeding activity is a significant problem in Wales. It is positive to see new dog breeding laws being enforced at Local Authority level in Wales, to help ensure animal welfare, and tackle these damaging activities, and their impact on the dogs involved. This incident highlights the importance of frequent and rigorous checks to breeding establishments.”