Dandy - ratA number of small furry animals at the RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre are looking for the perfect, loving new home this Saint Valentine’s Day.

The Centre may be best known for re-homing both cats and dogs; but rabbits, ferrets and rats are among the dozens of animals based at Newport looking to find the perfect partner this February.

Members of the public looking to provide a suitable, loving new home for animals are also being reminded that many animals, based in RSPCA centres like that at Newport, are seeking a second chance of happiness.

Dakota is one of the rabbits at the Centre searching for a great match. Sporting black and ginger fur, and aged between six and 12 months, this lop-eared rabbit is a sociable character, who ideally seeks a home with another spayed female rabbit following a successful introduction.

Dakota with RSPCA officer Sian BurtonCarrie Lamb, Newport Animal Centre manager, said:

“At Newport Animal Centre, we prioritise animals rescued from cruelty and neglect. As people across Wales mark Valentine’s Day – we’re caring for dozens of animals looking for a second chance of a happy, forever home.

“Though dogs and cats are the animals we see most commonly at our Centre, many rabbits and other small furry animals are also on the look-out for the perfect match.

“We re-homed 51 rabbits in 2016, and Dakota is hoping to join the list for 2017. He’s a gorgeous rabbit, and looking for a new owner who can further help develop his sociable nature.”

Also based at the Centre are Eddie and Cecil, who are a friendly pair of ferrets. They would love to find the perfect home together, this CecilValentine’s Day. Eddie is an incredibly friendly Albino, who is less than one-year-old – and has built up a fantastic companionship with Polecat-coloured Cecil, who is a typically inquisitive and playful ferret.

Rats, too, are intelligent, highly social animals and are normally active at night and dawn and dusk. Squeak and Dandy are adorable white rats currently based at the centre, and searching for new companions this Valentine’s Day.

Ms Lamb continued:

“Of the 380 animals we found homes for in 2016, 26 of those are classed as small furry animals – like ferrets, rats and hamsters.

“Squeak is a beautiful white rat. She’s approximately one-year-old, loves to curl up in her comfy bed, and is a little shy with humans. New owners will need to devote time to play and socialise with her, and help bring her out of her shell. Dandy, too, is a very cute white rat in our care, looking for a loving new home.

“There are also some stunning ferrets based at the Centre. Eddie and Cecil have hit it off famously, and we’d love to find them a new place to call home together, so they can continue their amazing friendship.

“As our rehabilitation and rehoming work continues, we hope, this Valentine’s Day, to secure a second chance of happiness and love for many of the animals in our care.”

More information on the animals seeking a home at the Newport Animal Centre can be found online. The RSPCA’s Love Animals campaign asks supporters to help the RSPCA’s work in helping animals, and securing their welfare.

Should you wish to support the RSPCA, you can give £3 now by texting LOVE to 87023 (text costs £3 + one standard network rate message). We are a charity and rely on public donations to exist.