cat rescue Loughor 1 FRSRSPCA Cymru worked with South Wales Fire & Rescue to save a cat trapped approximately 65-feet up a tree in the Swansea area.

The young cat, named Olly, had become stuck up the tree on 27 January, just a few doors down from the owner’s property, in Loughor.

RSPCA Cymru arrived to the garden of the Maes Yr Haf Place property, where the cat was found towards the top of the towering tree.

The RSPCA enlisted the support of the Fire & Rescue Service who, due to the ferocious winds, needed more than an hour to bring the cat to safety, before he was safely reunited with his owner.

Leigh Summers, RSPCA Inspector, said:

“I arrived at the property to find Olly some 65-feet from the ground, perched precariously in this towering tree.

“We were pleased to work with South Wales Fire & Rescue to help this adventurous cat, who is now – thankfully – safely back with his owner.

“The powerful Loughor winds must have made this a very difficult ordeal for the young cat – but it’s always nice to help secure a happy ending.

“Clearly, this is another example as to how, working together, we can do great things to help animals.”

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