The RSPCA is investigating after the death of a cat who was shot in the abdomen by someone using an air gun near his home in Haywards Heath.

Fang, a grey-and-white 12 year-old male, came back to his home in Silver Birches on Sunday, 22 January, clearly unwell and suffering from sickness.

He was taken straight to a vet by his owner Joceline Colvert, 37, a Housing Support Officer where an X-ray revealed there was an air gun pellet in his abdomen.

Fang was then transferred to a specialist vets in Surrey but sadly the injuries were so severe that even after surgery, he died a few days later.

“I was really shocked when I heard he had been shot,” said Joceline. “The vets told me Fang’s intestine had been perforated seven times as the pellet travelled through the body, which just shows how much damage one shot can do.

“At first I hoped they could take the pellet out and Fang would be ok, but that small pellet had caused so much terrible internal damage that he was not able to recover. We are devastated at losing him and horrified that anyone could do such a horrible thing.”

RSPCA inspector Tony Woodley said: “It is clear that someone has deliberately targeted this much-loved family cat and caused him considerable pain, suffering and his eventual death.

“The RSPCA takes acts of deliberate cruelty very seriously and we urge anyone with information about who may have done this to call us on 0300 123 8018.

“The RSPCA has not received any other recent reports of cat shootings in the Haywards Heath area, but unfortunately these kind of shootings seem to be happening more often or are being reported more to the charity. Cats and wildlife appear to be more vulnerable to attacks of this kind simply because they are out in the open and so an easier target.”

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