The RSPCA’s Coventry branch has launched an appeal to raise £2,500 for one of its resident dogs who urgently needs a heart pacemaker.


Terrier-cross Molly arrived at the branch in May last year, after her previous owner did not care for her properly. She had a severe skin condition which made her very sore and uncomfortable, and it took many months for her to recover.

But just as the branch was getting her ready for rehoming, it was discovered that she had a heart condition called heart block, which slows down her heart rate. She needs a pacemaker fitted to prolong her life – but the cost is £2,500.

Danni Holder, kennel supervisor at the Coundon Wedge Drive centre, said: “We are asking people to help us fundraise the money to pay for her pacemaker. She is an absolutely wonderful dog and we are all hoping that she will recover.”

Molly, who has featured on Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers, was undergoing a neutering operation when the vet discovered her heart rate was slowing down.

Danni said: “We were all so happy when Molly was signed over to us, and this is where the next chapter of her story begins.

“Molly’s skin condition is now under control, and all the several patches of hair loss has regrown. She was feeling like a new dog and was ready for us to help her find her forever home.

“All that needed doing was for her to be neutered and she also required dental treatment, so Molly was booked in for the procedures. On the day she was having them we had a phone call from the vet – Molly’s heart rate had plummeted dangerously slow and the vets were extremely worried about her, so much so they had to stop one of the procedures. The vets had to administer different drugs to be able to finish her neutering safely but were not willing to risk carrying out the dental.

“Molly was kept in overnight at the vets so she could be monitored closely but thankfully came back to the centre the following day – we were all so relieved to see her.

“The vets believed she had a condition called heart block and desperately required a referral to see a specialist to diagnose this.

“We had so many generous donations for Molly to be able to send her to a specialist to look at her heart, but unfortunately our fears came true and Molly has been diagnosed with third degree heart block and requires a pacemaker.

“Currently Molly’s heart is beating too slow and if she doesn’t have the pacemaker fitted her heart will become worse and will lessen her life span.

“We are appealing for people to help us in our appeal to fundraise £2,500 for this so we can mend Molly’s broken heart.

“All of the staff are so very passionate and we are doing all we can to help as many animals as possible, including Molly. She has been on such a journey and we would love her to have the happy ending to her story that she deserves.”

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