Christmas shoppers in Swansea were left stunned as an exhausted swan was spotted struggling outside the Outfit store in the Morfa area.

A sizeable local crowd had gathered to watch the swan at the Morfa Bay shopping precinct on Thursday 1 December 2016.

She was rescued by RSPCA, who collected her and provided overnight care, before transferring her to a specialist wildlife facility for further support. It is hoped she can be released back into the wild, after a few days – appearing fit and healthy, with only a small graze on her ankle.

It is thought the swan had moved to the spot, after a nearby pond froze over and the bird moved away.

RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West said:

“The winter months can be a hugely challenging time for many wildlife, including swans.

“This poor swan was absolutely exhausted, and a little shell-shocked with so many shoppers walking past.

“After collecting her, she was taken to a specialist centre for monitoring – and it is hoped she can be released back to the wild in the near future.”

The RSPCA produces advice on what a member of the public should do if they find an injured wild animal.

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