RSPCA Cymru is searching for the owner of a white and ginger cat, which was found in the Ely area of Cardiff on Friday 25 November.

The cat was collected by the charity, after it was run over by a member of the public, and was taken to a veterinary practice for treatment.

Fortunately, she is fine after the incident, and RSPCA Cymru is now looking to re-unite the pet with her owner. Posters, and other materials, have been put up locally – and the RSPCA is appealing for the owner to come forward.

The public are also being reminded as to the importance of microchipping cats, which is a highly effective way of permanently identifying pets.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Black, who rescued the cat, said:

“Fortunately, this gorgeous cat is doing well, after the accident. We are now hoping to find the cat’s owner, so she can be reunited with her family.

“Anyone with information can contact the RSPCA inspectorate information line on 0300 123 8018.

“We’re also reminding the public as to the importance of getting cats microchipped. Whilst this has been a legal requirement for dogs since April, it’s also a great way to identify cats permanently and effectively.”

If you would like to help the RSPCA, you can give £3 now by texting HELP to 78866 (text costs £3 and one standard network rate message). We are a charity and rely on public donations to exist.