RSPCA Cymru has rescued a poorly, long-eared bat in the Deeside area, saving the vulnerable animal from bad weather conditions, after it was spotted hanging still and not flying.

First seen on 14 November 2016, the bat was found hanging from underneath a roof lip, about 15 feet from the ground – with concerned members of the public spotting that the animal had not moved for a prolonged period of time.

After the rescue, Pets at Home provided mealworms to feed the bat, prior to its transfer to a specialist RSPCA wildlife facility.

Following a spell in RSPCA care, wildlife experts were content that the bat was again fit and healthy to survive in the wild. However, due to the cold temperatures, it has been transferred to a flight aviary, for over-wintering, ahead of release next year.

British bats hibernate to reduce their energy consumption during winter periods, given the challenges they face in finding sufficient food supplies during this time of the year.

RSPCA inspector Rachael Davies said:

“This vulnerable bat was spotted motionless, and we’re grateful to members of the public for spotting that something clearly wasn’t right.

“We are also very grateful to Pets at Home for providing mealworms for the bat, prior to its transfer to specialist care.

“Fortunately, given its state, we were able to rescue it from the terrible wind and rain – and it is now ready to be returned to the wild, after over-wintering.”

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