Croc1.JPGAn RSPCA officer was called after reports of a baby crocodile being spotted at the side of a road in Cheshire – which turned out to be a realistic-looking plastic toy.

The animal welfare charity were contacted after the crocodile-like shape was spotted at the side of the A54, near Oakmere Road, in Winsford, on Friday (9 September).

Animal Collection Officer Lauren Bradshaw said when she arrived and saw the figure, she too thought initially that it was alive as it was so realistic. She said: “When I heard there might be a crocodile on the loose, I thought I’d best make it snappy and get over there straightaway.

“I thought looking for a green reptile along a grass verge was going to prove almost impossible, but then I noticed something in the distance on a grid by the road side.

“As I approached, it looked very pale in colour and I thought it must be some kind of lizard – but then as I got nearer, it became clear that it was a crocodile just basking in the sunshine.


“I’ve never handled a crocodile before so I had to think about the best way to pick it up. I decided to approach from the side, and as I did so that’s when I noticed some red paint inside its mouth. So I reached out to pick it up and just burst out laughing – yes it was a crocodile, but it turns out it was a plastic one made in China!

“We get called to many things but this was definitely a first.

“There is the phrase ‘never smile at a crocodile’ – but on this occasion I couldn’t help it. One thing is for sure – a day in the life as an RSPCA officer is never dull.”

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