They are supposed to symbolise good luck – but sadly in reality, not all black cats are so lucky.


The RSPCA’s Stafford, Wolverhampton and District branch has become inundated with black cats which they are struggling to rehome – and they currently have more black than any other colour.

Alison Plant, from the branch, said: “Sadly many of our long-term cats who have been with us for many months are black, which is such a shame as they are all lovely cats who would make wonderful pets for people.

“We do find that it is the ginger, white or tabby cats which tend to be rehomed quickly, and that our black cats get overlooked – however we do urge anyone who is thinking of adopting a rescue cat to never judge a cat by his colour but instead look at his personality. All of our black cats have super personalities and would make the perfect addition to a loving family home.

“Today (August 17) is International Black Cat Appreciation Day, so it seems very apt today to urge people to rehome a black cat.”


One black cat who is looking for a home is Benny, a very shy cat who is still getting used to human company.

Alison said: “He is very good with other animals and will play with other cats. He will suit a family who have another cat. The ideal owner for Benny will be patient and understanding, as it may take time for Benny to build up his confidence in his new home – but when he does, it will be extremely rewarding.”

Kim is also a black cat who is looking for a home. Alison said: “Kim arrived at the RSPCA as an injured stray. She is not keen on other cats so would be best as the only cat in the household. She does, however, like humans and would like a home where she can get cuddles. Kim would be better in a household with older children who would understand that she needs her own space now and then.”

If you can offer a home to Benny or Kim, or if you’d like to speak to someone about any of the black cats at the branch, please contact the branch on 07715 540206 or email