RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after two female cats were abandoned in a cat carrier in Newport.

One cat is a tabby and white female, who is believed to be pregnant, and the other is a black cat who has had kittens recently. They are aged approximately one year old.

Cats abandoned Newport Aug16 pic2 Cats abandoned Newport Aug16 pic1They were abandoned in the Ringland area of Newport on Thursday (July 28) at around 5pm.

RSPCA animal collection officer Gary Lucas said: “The two cats were taken to an independent vet for a health check, and they are fine. They didn’t have collars and were not microchipped.

“It is sad that someone just left these cats in a carrier. It was lucky they were spotted.”

The RSPCA would like to remind people to get their pets microchipped to give their lost pets the chance of returning home. It is also important to register the chip with a national database and update your contact details if you move or change phone number. More information can be found at

Neutering cats is also so important as it can help prevent illnesses and reduce the number of unwanted kittens.

There is currently a Wales cat neutering and microchipping project being run in partnership by RSPCA Cymru and Cats Protection which aims to encourage cat owners to neuter and microchip their pets.

Those interested in taking part in the scheme can check if they qualify and if there is a vet (that has signed up to the scheme) near them by visiting or by phoning 03000 12 12 12 option 2.

RSPCA Cymru has recently revealed that 7,589 animals were collected and rescued in 2015 in Wales, and out of these, 540 of the animals rescued were due to abandonment. Sadly many abandoned animals that are rescued by the RSPCA are very badly neglected and poorly so need urgent vet care.

Now the RSPCA is bracing itself for a summertime influx of dumped animals – it is thought one contributing factor of people dumping their animals in the summer months is down to owners heading off on holiday and not finding anyone to look after their pet while they are away.

The RSPCA is a charity and we rely on public donations to exist. To assist our officers in rescuing abandoned animals and our hospitals in treating them please visit: #NeverAlone

If you would like to help the RSPCA, you can give £3 now by texting HELP to 78866 (text costs £3 + one standard network rate message). We are a charity and rely on public donations to exist.