An RSPCA inspector rushed to a rather prickly rescue last week after a rather large hedgehog got stuck between two metal fences at a gym in St. Albans.


A passer-by called the RSPCA last Friday evening (10 June) when they noticed the hog was stuck between the black metal fences in an unforgiving and rather tight squeeze at Cotlandswick Leisure Centre on the High Street of the Hertfordshire city.

Laura Quinn, RSPCA spokesperson for Hertfordshire, said: “We arrived at the leisure centre to see this portly but rather sweet hog wedged between two metal fence panels. It was quite a sight to behold on a hot summer evening!

“Our inspector was able to scoop him out safely with some equipment and released him straight away. He seemed happy enough, he was nice and fat and looked very healthy, which is always good to see, especially now that hedgehog numbers are in decline in the UK.

“I thought perhaps he might have been on his way to the gym but I guess he must have decided to give it a miss!”

As he was uninjured and in good health, the hedgehog was released straight back to the wild.