The RSPCA is reminding people to help hedgehogs by making sure pipe drains are covered, after a large hog got trapped in one in Shrewsbury.

The hedgehog was rescued on Sunday (13 March) after he fell down the drain next to a house in Judith Butts Gardens.

RSPCA  Animal Welfare Officer Elaine Williams said: “The hog was massive and only just fit in the drain. After an hour of trying to rescue him I had to think of another way, as he was too big for me to get out.

“The tenant of the property called the housing association, who sent an engineer to smash apart the drain for me to be able to release the hedgehog. Thankfully the hedgehog appeared fine after his ordeal, and was kept in a warm box with bedding, food and water. At dusk, he was released back into the wild.

“This hedgehog had a lucky escape but there is a chance that it might not have been a happy ending. It is the time of year when hedgehogs are coming out of hibernation so it is so important to advise people to make sure any drains have the covers on or are blocked to stop this from happening in future.


“Hedgehogs are in decline in the UK so anything we can do to protect them is vital.

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