A gull which was hanging from a tree by his wing after getting caught up in fishing line was rescued in a joint operation between the RSPCA and Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service.


The distressed gull was seen by a member of the public trying to free himself from a tree on an island in Sidings Pool, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, yesterday (Tues) morning.

RSPCA inspector Louise Labram assessed the situation and called crews from Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service to assist.

Inspector Labram said: “The gull was rescued with a net and the fire crews cut the fishing line which was caught up in the gull’s wing and around the tree branch.

“As expected, the gull was very weak and I could see a lot of blood on the wing and damage to his leg. However, I took him to a local vet where they confirmed the wing was dislocated and the only option was euthanasia.

“Sadly it was not a happy ending, but I was overwhelmed when the crew came out to assist me. It not only showed an understanding that the situation was an emergency but also an appreciation to animal welfare. They were very professional and rescued the gull promptly and efficiently, alleviating its suffering. I am so grateful that Warwickshire Fire & Rescue worked alongside the RSPCA and I thank everyone involved.”


Now the RSPCA is urging people to dispose of fishing lines properly to avoid another incident of this nature.

Inspector Labram said: “This would have been very distressing for the gull and it could have so easily been avoided if someone had disposed of their fishing line correctly in the first place.

“This is a reminder of how damaging discarded fishing litter can be for wildlife. All it takes is a little thought and care – and a life could be saved.”

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