A dog that was rescued by the RSPCA after her muzzle was taped up so tight that she bled has been given a second chance for love by the vet who saved her life.

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After being found subdued and suffering at an address near Faringdon, Clover, a young female whippet was rushed to Companion Care Vets for emergency treatment. It was here that her long journey to recovery would begin and where strong bonds would be built with the vet who treated her – who would later welcome her into their forever home.

After six weeks of intensive treatment, Clover has been transformed into a confident, playful dog and is almost unrecognisable from the dog picked up nearly two months ago (15 August) in the village of Great Coxwell.

Her new owner Tanya said: “It really is amazing how far she has come since she first arrived. She’s gone from a subdued, sad dog to a loving, loyal and warm girl that is so trusting of people – against all odds. She is even helping to grow the confidence of my other dog – also a rescue – and they have become the best of friends over the last few weeks.

“I initially took her home with me as her injuries were so horrific that she needed round the clock care and she quickly stole my heart.

“There were moments in her journey where the team and I really thought she might not make it, but I was determined to save her – and we did. The dedication and support that I had from my team whilst dealing with this tragic case of cruelty was out of this world and both Clover and I really cannot thank them enough.

“She is such a sweet dog and I still just don’t know how anyone could ever have done something like this to her. It’s one of the worst cruelty cases I have ever seen in my career, yet even with wounds so deep you could see her bone she still somehow found the time and energy to play – and that shows you just what kind of dog she is.

“She might be scarred for life from this experience but we hope that in time all of her emotional wounds will be healed, and myself and my family will be by her side every step of the way.”

RSPCA inspector Sharon Chrisp said: “Clover’s story is one of a true survivor and it touched so many people right across the country.

“We would really just like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who offered their help, support, and who donated towards her amazing recovery – it has not been in vain and she now will get the life she truly deserves in a loving and very special new home.”

Kind-hearted members of the public donated over £14,000 to help give Clover a second chance – find out more about her appeal here.

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