RSPCA appeals for information about Baloo and Bagheera

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two kittens were seen being thrown out of a car in Bognor, West Sussex on Thursday (17 September).


A member of the public saw the two little black cats, both males and thought to be aged around 12 weeks, being picked up from the back seat of a large silver car from his home in Regents Way at around 3.30pm. They were chucked onto the grass by the residential road before the car drove away.

The first kitten was found and taken to the nearby Alpha Vets and veterinary nurses returned to look for the second kitten. They eventually found him hanging from a branch of a tree, terrified.

The kittens have been nicknamed Bagheera and Baloo, after the Jungle Book’s black panther in a tree and his friend. They are recovering well, although Bagheera has a small fracture to his growth plate.

RSPCA inspector Liz Wheeler said: “Thank goodness for this kind passer-by and the veterinary staff who went out to find Bagheera. Who knows what would have happened to these two little kittens had they not acted so fast.

“The kittens scampered away very quickly after being thrown in the grass, in understandable terror. One was found by the member of the public, but the other was found hanging from a tree a lot later.

“They are far too young to fend for themselves in any situation, but it is unthinkable what might have happened to them next to a road like this.

“It is simply not acceptable to treat young animals in this way and we urge anyone with information to come forward and let us know, in complete confidence, on 0300 123 8018.

“Baloo and Bagheera are such gorgeous, friendly little things despite their ordeal, and we do not think there will be any problems rehoming them when they are fit and well enough.”

The man throwing the kittens from the back seat of the car is described as around 30 to 40 in age. The car he was driving was silver and a partial number plate of PFN was seen.

Baloo had bruising to his back but is recovering well. Bagheera fractured his growth plate, and an operation may be needed to correct this.