The RSPCA is appealing for help to find the owner of a one-eyed black male cat after he was the victim of a nasty air gun attack in Bromsgrove last weekend.

One-eyed black cat shot in Bromsgrove.jpg

The cat was found in the front garden of a property in the Broad Street area of Bromsgrove and was in such a bad state that he could no longer stand up or walk. The RSPCA were called and the black neutered male was rushed to a local vets for emergency treatment.

It was initially believed that the cat had been hit by a car but at the vets an x-ray confirmed that the cat had taken a bullet to the spine in what appears to be a nasty air gun attack. A further bullet was also found in the scruff of the cat’s neck, meaning that he has been a victim of this type of attack before.

The cat is now on high pain relief and is in a critical condition prompting the RSPCA to start a desperate search for his owner.

X-ray, cat Bromsgrove.jpg

The RSPCA animal collection officer who came to his rescue, Thea Kerrison, said: “Somebody out there is bound to be missing this lovely boy. He is critically injured and we just want to be able to help re-unite him with his owner as soon as possible. With an injury like this, time is truly of the essence and we are just desperately hoping someone out there will recognise him.

“We are also appealing to find out more about what might have happened here. We think the incident must have happened on Sunday (13 September) at some point and would be keen to hear from anyone that may have witnessed anything like this happening in or around the Broad Street area of Bromsgrove last weekend.”

Anyone with any further information about the potential owner of the cat or who may have more information about this incident are urged to contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line in confidence as soon as possible on 0300 123 8018.