A swan had to be treated in intensive care after getting stuck in a squashed corner behind a solid metal ladder attached to the wall of a canal.

IMG_20150907_130203427_HDR (1)The RSPCA was called after a member of the public spotted the swan thrashing around in the water on Monday, 7 September. The bird’s legs had got caught on the rung of the ladder in Brandon lock, Church Road, in Brandon, Suffolk.

We attended along with the Environmental Agency.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Craig Plumley said: “Fortunately for this swan, the lock was not activated when he got trapped, or it would have been very likely he would have drowned.

“He was in quite a predicament – completely stuck fast to this ladder – and would not have been able to get free without help. He had injured his wing as well, caused by trying to reverse out of the area. It was covered in blood.

“We had to get into a dry suit and into the water for the rescue – as it was impossible to reach the swan from land.

“It was a bit of a tricky operation and touch-and-go for a while, but we carefully managed to release his legs from the ladder. We were incredibly relieved to be able to get him free.”

The swan was taken to East Winch Wildlife Centre where he stayed in intensive care for a few days, treated for nasty abrasions to his wings and feet. He is now making a slow recovery.IMG_20150907_132802044 (1)