The RSPCA and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to the rescue last week after a seven-month-old kitten got stuck at the top of a high tree.IMG_4084 (1)

We were called after Oreo, a white male cat, got into a lofty predicament in St Margaret’s Avenue in Luton on Tuesday, 8 September.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Kate Wright said: “Poor Oreo had been trapped up this super-high tree for more than 24 hours and was clearly very scared. I am not sure for sure how high this tree was – but I think it must have been at least 40 foot as it was about four times the height of the bungalow next to it.

“He could be heard crying out loudly from the ground below and there were concerns he might fall as the branches, flimsy as they were so near the top, were bending under his weight.

IMG_4083 (1)“Cats are good climbers – as you can tell from the height he had reached – but I think he was just too scared to get himself down. It didn’t help that it was so windy that day.

“The fire service were fantastic. They got out their platform which allowed them to go up to the top and gently rescue him and bring him down to safety. I don’t think he would have been able to do it without their help.

“He is now back safely with his relieved owners.”