The RSPCA today launched an appeal for old towels to help sick common seal pups recover at its East Winch Wildlife Centre.2012 towel appeal Joe Murphy shrunken (1)

Many of the pups are suffering from lungworm and secondary infections such as pneumonia and septicemia and need careful nursing. They are being checked by vets daily.

The RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk is in desperate need of old towels which are used to help to provide much-needed warmth for seal pups being cared for at the hospital.

With 25 seals presently being cared for in the intensive care unit, each being fed five times a day and fresh towels needed throughout the day – they are currently getting through over 50 towels a day!

There are 426 other animals currently in care needing towels on a regular basis, the towel store is almost empty despite washing and reusing as many towels as possible.

Manager Alison Charles said “Towels are actually life-savers – strange as it seems. They can help to keep a sick and emaciated pup warm, comfortable and invariably help to save its life. We hope the residents of Norfolk will come to our rescue again and donate more used towels. We are so truly grateful for any we get and anyone who does donate a towel is helping to care for injured wildlife.

A number of collection points for towels have been set up at Tesco and Asda stores in Norfolk. They are located at the Tesco store in King’s Lynn on the Hardwick Estate, Downham Market and Asda at South Wooton.

The towels can also be placed in the special yellow bins located outside the wildlife centre on Gayton Road, East Winch, or to find out more about sending a towel to the centre – visit