The RSPCA is urging people to think carefully before buying exotic pets after two snakes and an iguana were found abandoned in a similar area.


The two snakes – a corn snake and a young carpet python – were found in a small box together at the disused Coalbrookdale train station, in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, on Saturday (August 15).


The iguana was found in a shoebox in a park near Kent Road, Wolverhampton, on Sunday (August 16). He was missing part of his tail, which could be due to him “dropping” it as part of a defence mechanism.

They are now being cared for at specialist reptile centres in the region.

Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) Elaine Williams said: “Many people buy exotic pets with no idea of how difficult they are to care for. Ultimately it is the animal that suffers after the novelty wears off. Sadly, the RSPCA sees many exotic pets just being dumped and left for dead because their owners have got bored of them or don’t know how to care for them properly.

“We do find that people take on exotic animals like reptiles without researching their needs or having any idea of how to care for it properly.  They then end up injured, sick or even dead just because their owners either didn’t have the money or knowledge about how to care for them.”

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