THREE students have been praised by an RSPCA inspector for going “above and beyond” to help a trapped bird.

Ed Bray, 21, Dale Lerwill, 20 and Grace Mahony, 21, who have just finished their second year at the University of South Wales, contacted the RSPCA after they found a lethargic young gull tangled in netting on the roof of their flat on St Mary’s Street in Cardiff city centre.

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THE RSPCA is appealing for information after two kittens were found abandoned in a cardboard box at Tumble, Llanelli. 

A member of the public discovered the kittens on 22 June. They were found inside a Coors beer cardboard box that had been taped up.

RSPCA inspector Chris Coleman said: “These kittens were just abandoned in this box in a wooded area at the park. Luckily they were found by a member of the public who contacted us.

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