FB_IMG_1438190145221A ten-strong team has battled against the elements to undertake a rescue, over two days, of a stranded cow in Ton Y Gilfach, Glynneath.

The cow, which was a young Charolais, had slipped into a river bed and became trapped approximately 70 foot down a river. Using ropes, officers confronted two waterfalls and difficult, treacherous terrain to ensure it was brought to safety.

RSPCA Cymru worked with Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service’s rope and water rescue team in delivering the animal to safety. Though the cow had sustained a cut to its head, it is now doing well with the rest of the herd, and could be seen grazing happily shortly after the rescue.

RSPCA Inspector Gemma Cooper, who was involved in the rescue, said: “This rescue demonstrates the complex nature of many large animal rescues.

“We were confronted with the dangers of the high terrain, waterfalls and the unpredictability of a scared animal.

“RSPCA Cymru was very pleased to have the support of Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service in undertaking this difficult rescue, emphasising the importance of their large animal rescue service. Thankfully the cow is now doing well.”

FB_IMG_1438190152153Alexander Baum, Mid and West Wales Fire Service’s Animal Rescue Specialist and Watch Manager from the Operational Risk Management Department, added:  “Following a strict safety protocol of risk assessment and control measures, a five hour rescue resulted in the positive outcome for both the young cow and all involved.

“This rescue was especially difficult due to the terrain, which is why it is so important that these animal rescues are performed professionally and safely to avoid any risks to the public trying to rescue the animals themselves

“Incidents such as these highlight the importance of maintaining efficient fencing when dangerous areas of farmland are identified.

“It was a true team effort by all involved”.

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