A domestic white goose who was literally ‘sold down the river’ by her previous owner has been rescued by the RSPCA with the help of a group of men in canoes after being left with nasty injuries caused by fishing litter left on the River Wye.

IMGP0067.JPGThe goose, believed to have been callously dumped some weeks ago, was reported to the RSPCA after it was seen struggling with an injured leg.

Once the goose had been brought to shore, she was found to have a double fishing hook caught in her foot. The goose was treated at a local vet and thankfully made a full recovery however sadly not all wild animals are as lucky.

Fishing litter is a big problem for wildlife, especially in the summer months when anglers take advantage of the warm weather. Every year the RSPCA takes hundreds of similar calls about wildlife injured or even killed by angling litter which has not been properly disposed of and the results can be devastating or sometimes even fatal.

This particular incident was reported to RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith who after a number of attempts to try and catch the bird realised that a boat was going to be needed for a successful rescue. However 19 June was to be inspector Smith’s lucky day as two canoes each with three men in came floating down the river and offered to help capture the injured goose.

Inspector Smith said: “I was really concerned about the poor goose and was just going to get a boat to continue my mission when these six men appeared on the horizon in their canoes. Desperate to try and catch her, I asked them if it would be possible for them to assist me and they were more than happy to help out.

“They really went over and beyond to help me rescue her and with the help of my net we managed to bring her safely to shore. I would like to thank these men who really helped me and the goose. What heroes to come along and just drop everything to help like that.”

“This domestic goose was left vulnerable out in the wild to fend for herself which resulted in her falling victim to a nasty injury – something that could have so easily been avoided. Many wild animals suffer as a result of fishing litter and this poor goose has sadly been no exception. Of course most anglers are responsible and take the necessary steps to ensure this doesn’t happen but not everyone is taking such care when disposing of their rubbish.

“We would really like to urge people to take much greater care when they are out fishing this summer – it could save a life. I am just glad that the goose is no longer in pain and has now found a loving new home.”

Anyone who has any further information about how the goose may have been dumped are encouraged to call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.