THREE adorable dogs have been given a new lease of life thanks to dedicated care at RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre.

Barcley, Bella and Bruno sadly arrived at the centre very different to how they are now – nervous, anxious and without important social skills – through no fault of their own. But following some TLC and dedicated reward-based training the trio are now looking for forever homes to call their own.

Deputy manager at the centre, Rebecca Jeffery, said: “All three of these lovely dogs – Barcley, Bella and Bruno – have come a long way. They are delightful dogs and deserve a second chance. We are very surprised they have not been rehomed already and would be over the moon to see them go off to their forever homes.”

Barcley 2Barcley’s story

Barcley, an eight-year-old cross breed, arrived at Newport Animal Centre back in February with another dog. Their previous owner was unable to cope with the responsibilities of looking after two dogs so he signed them over into our care. Barcley was a very timid and fearful dog when he arrived, and much preferred the comfort and safety of his kennel to the outside world. He became very anxious when taken out of his kennel.

But staff at the centre have been working hard to overcome his anxieties.

“He was allowed to gradually explore the kennel block and outside areas at his own pace and he was given tasty treats so that it became a positive experience for him,” said Rebecca.

This allowed Barcley to see that there was nothing to fear and that coming out of the kennel was a positive experience. He has always loved running off the lead at the centre’s paddock.

Work was also carried out with Barcley to help him get used to strangers and to meet other dogs in an appropriate, gradual way. He has been slowly introduced to staff and volunteers and although he been popular with visitors, he has not found his forever home.

Rebecca added: “Barcley is now a much more confident and relaxed dog and really enjoys human company as well as the company of his canine friends. He is also a very intelligent; he knows all his basic commands and responds very well to new training. It is a mystery to all the staff at the centre as to why he hasn’t been snapped up.”

Barcley could live with secondary school age children and he could also live with a spayed female dog. He is looking for a family that have lots of love to give him and where he can get the attention he deserves and craves. He will really benefit from continued training and interaction with other dogs and people.

Bella’s story Bella 2

Bella, is a two-year-old German shepherd and has been at the centre since the end of October last year.

She came into RSPCA in a poor condition, she was underweight and had fur loss and sore skin due to a flea allergy. It was a long time before Bella was able to go up for homing due to her medical conditions and the fact that she was very nervous. It took several months for her to bond with staff as she was very wary, but once the bond has been established she is a wonderful girl.

Rebecca said: “Bella continues to find life in the kennels a little stressful, and can be vocal in the kennel environment.

“A lot of work has been done at the centre to help Bella to be able to interact appropriately with other dogs. Bella responded very well to her training of her basic commands and responding to her handler. This has made her interaction with dogs successful as she listens to the handler’s commands when approaching/meeting dogs.

“Bella has a very playful nature and really enjoys running off lead in our paddock and retrieving her toys, she has always got her nose to the ground so has no problem sniffing out tasty treats or toys as part of her enrichment.”

Even though Bella now gets on ok with dogs on walks, she would not be able to live with one. She also finds cats too excitable to live with. Bella is looking for an owner that has experience with large dogs, ideally with German shepherds. She could live with secondary school aged children. Continuing her training is essential but this will be a joy as she is so intelligent. Bella would need an active home where she will get lots of walks and stimulation.

Bruno’s story:

Bruno 1Bruno is aged two and is a crossbreed. He has been at Newport Animal Centre for almost nine months.

He was not available for homing for several months as staff had to do extensive work with him to help him learn how to be around other dogs due to his previous experiences.

Rebecca said: “We have worked on distracting Bruno when another dog approaches, and this involved getting him to the point when he is listening to the handler and responding to them when called. The next step was to then get him gradually closer to dogs.

“As he approaches he is called and rewarded with a treat or his favourite raggy toy. We have been able to get him close to dogs and although he is vocal there is a vast improvement.

“Bruno is a very playful, affectionate dog that will make a truly rewarding companion. Bruno loves to run off lead and loves human company and interactions. He has learned all of his basic commands and will repeat them over and over as long as you have a tasty treat or a toy!”

Bruno will need an owner who has experience with large dogs as he is very strong, and also someone with the experience to be able to continue his training and interactions with other dogs. He is able to live in a home with sensible secondary school age children that are used to dogs. He will need to be the only pet in the household, so he can have all the love!

If anyone is interested in rehoming Barcley, Bella or Bruno please contact Newport Animal Centre on 0300 123 0744 or email

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