RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information following a suspected cat poisoning in Pontyclun.

The cat, from Stuart Terrace, Talbot Green, and aged 8 to 10 months, was taken to the vets after its owner noticed it appeared disorientated, confused and unable to walk properly.

Sadly, the vet had to put the animal to sleep. Upon examination, it was found the cat had crystalised kidneys and glycol in its urine sample, which would prove consistent with anti-freeze poisoning.

RSPCA inspector Izzi Hignell said: “Poisoning a cat deliberately is a criminal offence.

“This would appear to be a deeply shocking incident, and we are urging anyone with information to come forward.

“We’re also reminding the public to be vigilant and take their cat to a vet immediately if they believe it may have been poisoned. If possible, you should take a sample of what the cat has consumed or the container.”

This incident follows another suspected poisoning of two cats in the Pontyclun area in May, one of whom also had to be put to sleep.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the maximum penalty for those found guilty of cat poisoning is up to six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £20,000.

If anyone has any information about this incident or similar incidents in the area, they are urged to contact the RSPCA Inspectorate information line on 0300 123 8018. Calls will be treated in confidence.

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