The RSPCA’s West Hatch Animal Centre in Taunton is launching an urgent appeal for a special foster carer for a collie with a sad past who is now desperate for a temporary home to call her own after reaching breaking point in kennels.   

The tri-colour pure border collie who cannot be named for legal reasons came into the care of the RSPCA as part of an ongoing court case and is struggling with kennel life so much that it is now critical staff at the centre find her a dedicated foster home.

Anita Clark, deputy manager of the animal centre, said: “This sweet girl needs a more stable home environment as she is really not coping well in kennels. We have her out with us in reception in the daytime because she is just getting too distressed in her kennel but this is now just not enough. She is so unhappy and as a result she is very attention seeking so it is a bit like looking after a young child but with so many animals in our care we just do not have the resource that she needs to keep her happy.

“It’s just becoming so upsetting. To see her every morning at 8 o’clock in the morning on the brink of collapsing with exhaustion because she’s been pacing up and down in her kennel all night long just breaks my heart and it is now urgent that we find her a place she can really call home for a while. She just needs a caring, practical human to be her companion in the coming weeks during what is a very difficult and scary time for her.

“Despite not having the greatest past she really is the most loving dog and she absolutely adores affection. She can also do some great tricks and she is very bright. We love her here but she really needs to be somewhere a lot more settled to help try and calm her down and make her feel more comfortable.

“We are looking for someone extra special that has the time, patience and lots of experience with an intelligent breed like this to be her foster mum or dad. They would also need to be understanding that this dog is linked to a legal case and so this might not result in the ability to adopt, which can be difficult for some people to accept, so we need someone quite robust or preferably an experienced dog fosterer. Due to the nature of the case, we also do not really know whether she has been in a home environment or not in the past and she is probably not house trained, so we really do need a collie enthusiast who is willing to put in the work to really help this dog. She will ideally need someone who is at home the majority of the day with no young children so they can get her used to being in a home environment. We would of course provide full behavioural support for people living locally.

“She will be a challenge but the right person will reap the benefits of making a true and real difference to this girl’s life and show her what a loving home can really be like.”

People interested in fostering this lovely girl can contact Anita Clark at West Hatch Animal Centre in Taunton by emailing on or by calling on 0300 123 0747.