THE RSPCA is appealing for the owner of an elderly cat to come forward.

A member of the public contacted the RSPCA on Tuesday 19 May following concerns about the female white cat which was found at Drake Close, St Athan, Barry.

RSPCA animal collection officer Fiona Jackson said: “The cat is 15 years old and has been microchipped.

“She is unwell and is currently receiving treatment at RSPCA’s Merthyr Clinic.

“Although she was chipped, unfortunately when we attended the … Continue reading…

Fenn trapped cat_Cheltenham

The RSPCA is appealing to find the owner of a trap after a domestic cat got caught and injured by one in Cheltenham.

Steven Davies, the RSPCA animal welfare officer who helped the cat, said: “It was quite a sight to behold – the cat was found by a member of the public wandering down the road with this huge mechanical trap on his head and was clearly in distress.

“The cat was taken to the vets where he was … Continue reading…

THE RSPCA is appealing for information and warning pet owners to be cautious after four cats were poisoned in Cardiff.

The RSPCA has been notified that four cats from Oakmeadow Drive in St Mellons have been poisoned.

Sadly three of the cats have been put to sleep on veterinary advice due to poisonings over the past week and one is receiving treatment.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Sian Burton said: “We are not sure at this stage if the poisonings are … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a pug puppy was found in a cardboard box in York. She was emaciated and suffering from a prolapse which had become maggot-infested.


The puppy was found by a member of the public on Murton Lane, Murton on Wednesday 13 May and taken to Tower Vets.


RSPCA inspector Karen Coleman said: “This poor pup was in a terrible state. How someone could just dump an animal which was clearly already suffering … Continue reading…

A RSPCA Cymru rope rescue team has successfully rescued a raven entangled in baling twine in Powys.

The raven had become entangled in the twine which was stuck on a nest on a 60 metre cliff in a remote area above Staylittle near Llanbrynmair, Powys.

The rope team included inspectors Andy Broadbent, Phil Lewis, Mark Roberts and Vicki Taylor who sprung into action on Wednesday [20 May] to free the bird.

RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis said: “The twine was attached … Continue reading…