Microchip shows Maxine the way home – months later!

Cat returns to overjoyed owner


The RSPCA was delighted to reunite a cat with her owner on Tuesday (21 April) – four months after she went missing.


Maxine, a long-haired 15-year-old cat, was seen in Leeson Crescent in Barton Seagrave.  Residents had been feeding her occasionally but they became concerned as she was looking thin and her fur was very matted.Missing cat Maxine 2.JPG


RSPCA inspector Polly Underwood attended and realised that Maxine really needed to see a vet, but first she routinely scanned her for a microchip.  The chip showed that Maxine was owned by Jane Hayes, from Deeble Road in Kettering – just under two miles away.


Polly contacted Mrs Hayes and was amazed to find out that the cat had been missing since December 2014.


Mrs Hayes said:  “I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call about Maxine.  I had given up hope of seeing her again and thought the worst so I was over the moon to find out she was still alive.


“We had moved house about a month before and Maxine went missing a couple of times, only to turn up at our old house.  Then she became poorly and the vet advised she stay in for a month.  As soon as we let her out after that she disappeared.  I tried everything to locate her, including social media and Cats Protection, but nothing worked.


“As soon as Polly rang, I took the day off work straight away so I could go and pick Maxine up.  I would advise anyone to microchip their pets – without the chip I doubt I would ever have seen Maxine again.”


Polly said:  “It is so nice when we’re able to reunite animals with their owners, especially when they’ve been missing for so long.


“Maxine was a bit dishevelled from living rough and the vet needed to trim the matts from her coat, but other than that she will be fine and I’m sure extremely happy to be home.


“This shows just how vital it is for people to get their animals microchipped.  It really is the best way to improve the chances of being reunited with them should they become lost or even stolen.”


Maxine is now back at home and has, after some wary hissing, reformed her bond with her brother Ashley.


You can find out more about microchipping from your vet or go to http://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/general/microchipping


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