RSPCA appeals for information

A Yorkshire terrier stolen from his home took his rescue into his own paws last week, when he flagged down an RSPCA van along a deserted road more than 100 miles from home.

AlfieOne of the charity’s inspectors, Stephanie Law, was driving down Hawkswood Lane in Gerrards Cross when she saw the little dog run out from some woods in front of her, barking to her to stop.

She braked and opened her door, and he immediately jumped in. A quick scan of his microchip revealed him as Alfie, a seven-year old who had been missing since 21 March after he, and another terrier Lillie, were taken from their house in Wednesbury in the West Midlands by burglars. Sadly Lillie, a five year-old unneutered female, is still missing

Inspector Law said: “I have had plenty of people wave me down for help but I have never actually been flagged down by a dog in need of rescue before.

“I was just driving down the deserted road when I saw Alfie run towards me, clearly trying to attract my attention.

“He ran right in front of the van, barking, and as soon as I stopped and opened the door he just bounded in and jumped onto the seat – and looked at me. It was as if he recognised my uniform and knew I was there to rescue him.

“We can only assume he had been dumped in the woods and came running out when he heard me drive along.

“He’s a lovely, friendly dog despite his ordeal and I am so pleased he got the happy ending he deserved. Very sadly, Alfie’s friend Lillie, stolen at the same time, is still missing and we urge anyone with any information about her to let us know on 0300 123 8018.”

Owner Kirsty Mitton, 23, said: “We are over the moon to have Alfie back – we didn’t think we would see him again, but so sad that Lillie is still missing. I just jumped straight in the car to drive the 112 miles as soon as I heard he was safe.Alfie, Steph Law, Kelly Mitton

“Thank goodness we had Alfie microchipped, as there’s no way we would have been traced without that, and sadly Lillie has not been chipped so we would really appreciate anyone who might recognise her to let the RSPCA know. We’ve learned the hard way how important it is to have your pets chipped.”

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