THEY all have certainly been through a lot and deserve a fresh start in life.

George, Sooty, Bonzo and Ruby are looking for a loving home to call their own.

They are all currently at RSPCA’s Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre in Upper Colwyn Bay – waiting patiently for a new owner to take them home and treat them with the TLC they deserve.

Meet George the Rottweiler who is a complete softy and is certain to brighten up anyone’s day.

George 1George is around six years old and came to the animal centre as a very skinny boy who was used to being left alone for 23 hours a day.

Kennel and cattery supervisor at the centre, Chris Butler, said: “We are looking to rehome George as an only dog and he could live with a family with older teenagers.

“George may be classed as ‘middle aged’ but he is a lovable, fun loving boy who just lives for play time – especially if it involves a tennis ball!”

Sooty – a cross breed lurger collie aged about 10 years old – has an incredibly sad tale. He was left to starve along with three other dogs in a dark and dingy upstairs room.

He is putting on weight now with regular meals but he has some scarring that still needs some time to heal.Sooty 1

Chris said: “What Sooty needs is a retirement home with all the comforts to go with it, like a nice big duvet to wrap up in and a tasty chew to busy his mind.

“Understandably, it takes Sooty time to get to know you but once he does you’ll have a firm friend by your side.”

Bonzo 1Brilliant Bonzo is also looking for a forever home. Bonzo, a crossbreed, is an an absolute genius but he has been stuck in kennels for far too long – 416 days in fact.

“He has turned his paws to clicker training since being with us at Bryn y Maen and is excelling at it,” said Chris.

“He would really suit a family who are looking for a dog they can do some training with because he’d absorb anything you had to teach him in no time. He enjoys his daily social sessions with his other canine pals on the field but we feel that in the home he would be best off as the only dog.”

Sadly Ruby – who is around four years old – has been in RSPCA care for more than eight months without even a glimpse of interest.

“She arrived, cold, wet and starved to the point that she looked like a walking skeleton,” said Chris. “It was hard to think how someone could have allowed her to get into such a state and then abandon her on a deserted country lane. Ruby 3

“Ruby, a crossbreed, has a lot of love to give and absolutely loves human company and will even give you a smile once she knows you! She is an intelligent girl who will require an active home with boundaries and guidance to help her settle into a home. She is so desperate to please; all she needs is someone to show her how.”

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