Thanks to generous public who have donated nearly £20,000 to help

A foal left for dead by the side of the road in Essex is making a slow but steady recovery, following overwhelming support from horse lovers who donated nearly £20,000 towards his care in a week.

Gizmoandteddy The RSPCA was called after Gizmo, a tiny piebald cob, was found collapsed and without his mother near Ridgewell Caravan Park in Yeldham Road, Ridgewell in Halstead on Tuesday 17 February.

As well as being emaciated, he was riddled with lice, had redworm, was hypothermic, dehydrated and has since been found to have pneumonia. He was so weak that he had to be carried to the horsebox on a blanket.

Gizmo was taken into care at nearby Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic, who have put him on a drip, given him antibiotics and nursed him around the clock.

A short Facebook appeal received an overwhelming response from the public, who all rung the clinic to help, so an appeal was set up to help fund his recovery. In just a week £19,622 has been raised – with people donating from as far away as Canada.

Catley Cross vet Carolyn Wyse said: “He is not out of the woods yet but Gizmo really is picking up more and more each day.

“He holds his own head up now, and is using his legs better, and was even getting very feisty during his lifting sessions yesterday which is a great sign.

“It is always touch and go when horse are this young and poorly, and he was particularly weak when he was found. But we have everything crossed he is going to continue to get better now.

“We have been so overwhelmed by people’s generosity. The money means we don’t need to worry about providing him with everything he needs to get better. And as for the lovely phone calls, Facebook messages and other support – it really keeps us going”

RSPCA inspector Sarah Elmy said: “We just want to say a huge thank you to all the people for their amazing generosity. It is clear that Gizmo’s story has really touched people who have all taken him to their hearts.

“It is not just the money – but people have made such lovely comments and been so supportive. It just shows you how much people care.

“The RSPCA is also incredibly grateful to Catley Cross vets who have been so dedicated in the care of Gizmo - and all the other animals we bring to them. They make our job so much easier.

“At the moment Giz


mo is still walking a fine line, but showing some progress. I so hope he continues to get stronger and grows into the lovely young horse we think he can.”

Those wanting to donate towards Gizmo’s care should call 0300 123 0346 or visit Any surplus funds will be used for the rescue and treatment of other equines suffering in a similar situation.

Anyone with any information about how Gizmo came to be dumped so callously like this should call 0300 123 8018.