RSPCA helps sika swing out of harm’s way

Deer rescued after becoming entangled in child’s swing


The RSPCA rescued a sika deer entangled by a child’s swing which had become wrapped around his antlers in Wool, Dorset at the weekend.


The deer was first spotted earlier this month with the red plastic seat and blue nylon rope, cotton rope and fixing bolts all tangled around his antlers.  Members of the public in Wool saw the deer but at this point he was still mobile and had moved by the time RSPCA officers arrived.Deer 2015-02-07 008.jpg


However, on Sunday (8 February) near Church Lane the deer’s unusual antler ornaments became stuck in a broken barbed wire fence and the RSPCA was able to catch and free him.


RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Sue Brooks (pictured below with the swing and wire) attended and contacted her colleague inspector Jo Story for help.  It took an hour to free the deer with ACO Brooks holding him and inspector Story cutting the ropes and barbed wire from his antlers.


Sue said:  “The deer was obviously stressed by his ordeal but luckily he was uninjured and even tried to charge us with his antlers.


“Unfortunately wildlife can become easily trapped in discarded ropes and nets, although this was the first time I’ve seen one in a swing!  We always appeal to people to tidy up old or broken items like this as they can be so dangerous to animals and birds.Trapped Sika Stag.jpg


“We’d also like to take the opportunity to advise the public that, if they see a trapped or injured deer, they should contact the RSPCA or another organisation for help.  Deer can cause nasty injuries so it’s always best for people not to attempt to free them themselves.”


The RSPCA is a charity that relies on donations to exist.  To help us to carry out more rescues like this one please text HELP to 78866 to give £3 (texts cost £3 plus one standard network rate message).Me with Sika's Ornaments.jpg