Friday 12 December 2014

Munchkin on yellow brick road to recovery

One-eyed kitten overcomes adversity to look for new home

The RSPCA Milton Keynes branch is searching for a new home for a one-eyed kitten named Munchkin who has had a hard year, but is now ready to spend Christmas* and forever with a new owner.10822688_10152602950093867_1397980650_n.jpg


Tabby and white-coloured Munchkin came to the RSPCA in July 2014 as one of four three-week-old kittens.  Their mum, Lucy, also came into the care of the charity, but one of her kittens sadly died before the RSPCA was contacted.

Munchkin, who is now five months old, was smaller than his two sisters and always wanted feeding from his mum who looked after him very well.  All of the cats had fleas and Munchkin was also missing a left eye.  Whilst all three kittens continued to grow, Munchkin was growing much more slowly than the others and had to be given extra formula to supplement Lucy’s milk.

More problems came when the kittens had to be weaned and, although Munchkin desperately wanted to eat wet kitten food, he started to choke so had to be fed with small spoonfuls at a time.  His sisters moved onto solid food and found new homes but Munchkin still struggled and was just half their size.

Staff at the branch sought the advice of the Milton Keynes Veterinary Group who carried out tests which revealed he had a condition called Persistent Right Aortic Arch which affects the blood vessels of the heart and the oesophagus and needed major and expensive surgery.  The branch raised money through the local paper and via social media – they were overwhelmed when they raised over £1,800 for the operation.

Munchkin’s surgery was carried on on 16 October.  It was highly risky but the plucky kitten got stronger afterwards and put on weight.  His recovery continued and he will soon be ready to go home just in time for Christmas*.10173766_778978058824367_6550846503157584858_n.jpg

Fosterer Jenny Trilsbach said:  “Munchkin was so well cared for at Walnut Tree Surgery and we’re grateful to everyone who helped us to afford his surgery.  He recovered very well, despite having open chest surgery and he is still mischievous – his spirit has not been reduced in any way.

“Although Munchkin was a happy kitten apart from his feeding problems, purring all the time, climbing your legs and eating your fingers but he couldn’t have carried on the way he was.  He’s now well and happy and we hope his life will continue in this way in a great new home.”

The RSPCA branch, which rehomes more than 600 abandoned or neglected cats every year, is hoping to find a very special owner for Munchkin and is asking all those interested to visit

*The RSPCA strongly urges people not to get pets as presents, but there may well be many people who are having a calm or quiet Christmas who can give a lovable little cat like Munchkin a new home.