We’re appealing for information about a sealed box of three puppies left on a doorstep in Tonbridge, Kent.

Jengo recovering at the vet

Sadly, two of the ten-week-old Jack Russell crosses were already dead when they were found inside the taped-up cardboard box. The discovery was made in Portman Park on the afternoon of Monday, 3 November.

The third puppy, a tan and black male, was very cold and poorly but still alive. The box containing the puppies was very wet from being out in the rain. It’s thought it may have been sitting unnoticed for some time before the homeowner came back from work to find it on their doorstep.

The surviving puppy has since been named Jengo. He was taken to a vet where he was put on a drip and cared for. He made a good recovery very quickly and has already been rehomed.

RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Baumann said:

“Being left out in the cold and rain in such a poorly state had fatal consequences for two of the little pups which is so sad.


“We don’t know how long they were left there in that soggy box before the householder came home and found them, but it seems likely they died during that time.


It looks like a happier ending for little Jengo


“Thankfully it looks like a happier ending for little Jengo though, who has made a fabulous recovery. He was shivering and weak and suffering from diarrhoea when we found him. Thankfully, after just a day at the vets he has perked up no end and has already been rehomed to someone connected to the vets.


“We think these puppies were probably dumped because they were poorly and their owners just didn’t want to, or couldn’t afford to, care for them anymore.


“I just wish people would think a little bit harder before they take on pets like these and make sure they are willing and able to look after them in the long-term even if, in fact especially if, they get ill.”

Anyone with any information about how these puppies came to be dumped in this way should call us on  0300 123 8018.

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