We’re appealing for information after a puppy was dumped on an Essex doorstep on the morning of Halloween.

Tilly abandoned in a box © RSPCAThe white, seven-week-old West Highland Terrier, who’s been named Tilly, was found soaking wet and shivering inside a taped-up cardboard box. She had been left by the door of a house in Badgers Mount, Orsett, Grays – probably overnight.

A passing neighbour spotted the box early on Friday, 31 October and went to investigate. They were shocked to find the tiny animal inside in an extremely underweight and poorly state. She was dehydrated, lethargic, swollen with fluid and suffering from diarrhoea.

We were called and Tilly was immediately taken to a vet where she was put on a drip and given urgent treatment.

She was sopping wet

RSPCA Inspector Matt Gough:

“It was so sad to see this gorgeous little thing in such a state.


Tilly the West Highland White Terrier puppy © RSPCAShe was freezing and terrified, and clearly quite poorly. She was extremely thin, and staggering around a bit, so weak that she didn’t seem to be able to use her rear legs.


“The box had clearly been rained on which meant she was sopping wet. I think it’s likely she had been stuck in it out there for most of the night. It breaks your heart to think about how terrifying that must have been for a little animal like that.


“My feeling is this could be one of those cases where people get a puppy because they think it’s cute, then dump her when she gets ill and they realise they can’t afford to take her to a vet for treatment.


“I just wish people would think a little bit harder before they take on a pet like this – and make sure they are willing and able to look after them in the long-term – not just for the first few days of cuteness.”

Tilly is now a lot brighter

It’s not known why whoever dumped Tilly chose the doorstep they did.

Tilly is still at the vets but off the drip and a lot brighter, although she’s still unable to walk properly. She continues to receive treatment.

Anyone with any information about how Tilly came to be dumped like this should call us on 0300 1234 8018.

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