We’re pleased to announce the second international conference of dog population management, which will take place in Istanbul 2-5 March 2015.

Humane, effective and sustainable dog population management (DPM) is a challenge worldwide. Dogs play an important role as companion and work animals but are also a major source of concern for the transmission of rabies and other zoonoses and for attacks on people and livestock.

Improving dog welfare on a global scale

Building on the success of the first conference in York, UK, 2012, the specific goals of this next conference are:

  • To facilitate discussions and sharing of information on dog DPM among stakeholders.
  • To promote awareness of novel approaches to DPM.
  • To encourage inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and policy development.
  • To provide evidence-based information for effective, humane DPM.
  • To promote animal and human health and well-being by reducing the incidence of zoonoses and the environmental impacts associated with dog population control.

The conference is organised by the ICAM (International Companion Animal Management) coalition, of which the RSPCA is a member. Their mission is to support the development and use of humane and effective companion animal population management worldwide.

To find out more visit: www.dogpopulationmanagement2015.org