IT is not something you see everyday.

But a young rare albino hedgehog has been found at Fenwick Drive in Wrexham.

The small hedgehog was found by a member of the public in their garden on Tuesday (25 November) who called the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Tim Jones, who collected the hedgehog, said: “The hedgehog was slightly underweight and was found out in the daytime.

“This is the second albino hedgehog I have collected this year as I also picked one … Continue reading…

Two rabbits die after being abandoned

Two other rabbits and two guinea pigs also dumped


The RSPCA is appealing for information after four rabbits and two guinea pigs were found dumped in a field in Dorset.


The six animals were found at around 4pm on Tuesday 18 November on a track near a locked gate not far from The Cock and Bottle Inn, East Morden, Wareham.


One rabbit had already died and another was emaciated and so … Continue reading…

AN adult grey seal and her pup have been released back into the wild after paying a visit to a North Wales power station.

The RSPCA was called to Anglesey’s Wylfa Power Station after the two inquisitive seals took a wrong turn and ended up on site yesterday (Monday 24 November).

Seals sometimes get dragged along by the strong currents created by the power station and can slip through the bars at the end of the sea pipe and end … Continue reading…

THE majority of consumers think that the welfare standards of animals reared for food is important in their purchasing decisions, a new report from RSPCA Cymru has highlighted.

RSPCA Cymru has brought together for the first time a collection of indicators that provide an insight into the welfare issues surrounding animals that are reared for food in Wales.

The Animal Welfare and Food Indicators report – which has been published today – provides a snapshot of some of the most … Continue reading…


Milder winter could be to blame for large number of hedgehogs admitted to our West Hatch Wildlife Centre.

There are plenty more mouths to feed at our wildlife centre in Somerset, Taunton.  Staff have been kept busy by the large number of hogs being brought through the doors.


50 per cent increase in hedgehog admittance’s

Last month 40 hogs were admitted to the centre – compared to 27 in 2013 – almost a 50 per cent increase in … Continue reading…