THIS moggie certainly has a head for heights.

For around four days the black and white cat had been stuck up a 40 foot tree in a wooded area at the back of Woodside, Duffryn in Newport.

Following a call to the RSPCA, animal collection officer (ACO) Gary Lucas, arrived at the scene to find the cat clinging on for dear life high up an ash tree.

To help with the rescue, a rope rescue team from South Wales Fire … Continue reading…

AN inquisitive seal has paid a visit to a North Wales power station.

The female adult had taken a wrong turn and ended up at Anglesey’s Wylfa Power Station site on Wednesday (15 October).

Seals sometimes get dragged along by the strong currents created by the power station and can slip through the bars at the end of the sea pipe and end up in the cooling chambers.

Luckily the seal was unharmed by her adventure and was recovered by … Continue reading…


We’re issuing advice for pet owners in the run up to another busy bonfire night season.

We regularly receive hundreds of calls about fireworks in October and November, when bonfire night and Diwali celebrations are in full swing.

In 2013 we received 310 calls relating to fireworks in October and November and in 2012 this figure was 326.

It is a stressful time of year for all pets and their owners -  an estimated 45 per cent of dogs Continue reading…

Horror in a half shell!


We’re bracing for an influx of terrapins as the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is released on Friday, 17 October.

Popular films have always escalated demands for unusual pets – when the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film was released in the 1990s this led to a craze for buying terrapins.


Exotic pets have specialist needs

Many ill-informed people snapped up the reptiles and when owners realised that the 50p-sized baby animals … Continue reading…

Emaciated horse recovers and is looking for new home

Owner banned from keeping equines for two years

A woman from Queen Camel, near Yeovil, was banned from keeping equines for two years on 14 October after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to a thoroughbred horse.


Hannah Sawyer (17/10/86) of Camel Road was also fined £245 and ordered to pay costs of £250 and a £24 victim surcharge by Yeovil Magistrates’ Court.



The court heard that Miah, a 15-year-old … Continue reading…