An eight-week-old kitten was found in Thorpe Road, Walsall on October 6 at around 10pm by a local family.

Smartie the cat

They called us, and Inspector Laura Bryant went out to collect the kitten. Due to the time of night, Laura took the kitten into her own home.

Smartie, as she was later named, had cat flu, fleas and suffered from ear mites, but is now almost back to full health and recovering in a foster home. She is also short sighted – it was initially thought Smartie was blind but has since been chasing balls around.

Inspector Bryant said:

I have never seen a kitten that petrified. She was just sat on the side of the road on her own meowing.


“We think she was about eight weeks old when we found her but is probably about 12 weeks now.


“She had wet herself, she was that scared and when I took her home she didn’t move out of her bed for two days.


“I suspect someone dumped her or kicked her out due to her health issues as I have never found a kitten so scared.


“She is now fully recovered and well, running around being a normal happy healthy purring kitten.


“I called her Smartie as when I thought she was blind I was astonished how well she managed, obviously because she could see!

Smartie is now a typical confident kitten

Smartie the cat

Smartie is now with our Stafford and Wolverhampton branch and is currently in a foster home.

Her foster carer Maxine Smith said:

“She has settled in really well and is certainly a fun loving cat.


“She is very lively and loves exploring, a typical confident kitten really, she isn’t traumatised at all.


“I hope she finds the loving permanent home that she deserves.”

If you would like to rehome Smartie please call Alison Shorthouse on 07715 540206.

You can also see the other animals in our care that are available for rehoming on our pet search page.

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