THE RSPCA has assisted with a special operation in Swansea to round up cob type horses grazing on the tidal marsh.

The operation took place on Tuesday (9 September) at Penclawdd marsh during high tide – which is when the horses move onto the roads and land to escape the water.

Twelve RSPCA staff were present at the operation to deal with any welfare offences. During the operation 11 ponies were collected including two stallions.

Once rounded up, the horses … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru is recruiting a team of volunteer super campaigners to turbo-charge community campaigning across Wales.

Are you passionate about animals and wish others were too? Do you wish friends and family were better informed about the issues affecting animal welfare but would like some support getting the message out?

Super Campaigners is a new scheme from RSPCA Cymru to encourage more people to become more actively involved in promoting RSPCA Cymru campaigns, raising awareness among their friends, family and … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru is pleased to announce the winners of the Community Animal Welfare Footprint (CAWF) awards scheme for 2014.

This year, 10 organisations have scooped awards in the four categories – stray dog provision, contingency planning, housing provision and animal welfare; with bronze, silver and gold standards awarded, depending on the level of service provided by the authority or organisation.

Newport City Council, Cardiff Dogs Home and Denbighshire County Council have all been awarded with a gold standard in the … Continue reading…

Homeless in a half shell!


Three rare red-footed tortoises were found by bemused staff in the outdoor display of rabbit hutches at a Pets at Home store in Woodrow Way, Gloucester, last Saturday 30, August 2014.

The staff called us and we collected the animals and took them to be checked over by a specialist vet. The vet found the tortoises were cold and slightly underweight but otherwise unharmed by their ordeal.

We are unsure as to whether the … Continue reading…

THE RSPCA is warning of the dangers of litter after a young hedgehog became trapped in a plastic lid.

A kindhearted member of the public discovered the poor creature at Willowbrook Gardens, St Mellons, Cardiff yesterday morning at around 7am (8 September) and placed the hedgehog safely in a box until RSPCA animal collection officer Gary Lucas arrived.

He said: “The juvenile hedgehog had its head stuck in a piece of plastic. I was able to cut off the lid … Continue reading…