ASSEMBLY Members will be among those raising awareness of how some farm animals are kept by taking part in an egg-citing challenge.

This year’s RSPCA Farm Animal Week takes place from Monday 29 September to Sunday 5 October and the theme is: Farm animals are individuals.

If you would like to be part of the mooovement come and visit us on Thursday 2 October as we will be outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay between 9am to 4pm, where we will be encouraging people to take part in our Chicken Challenge.

We will also have a giant chicken run to show AMs and other members of the public the lack of space that millions of chickens have to live in.

Few people realise that although having their own individual personalities, farm animals can be kept in ways that wouldn’t be considered acceptable for pets.

Caged hens, and many chickens reared for meat, are given a space per bird which is less than the size of an A4 piece of paper. Could you spend just 20 minutes in a space that small?

We are also encouraging people to take a special Farm Animal Week selfie. We want to see how many people you can cram into your picture – in fact, we reckon it should be called a squashie.

Once you’ve herded up as many friends, family and passing strangers as you can, take your squashie! Upload the picture with the hashtag #squashie and why not nominate your friends too?

Just remember to tell everyone why you are doing it and they can do the Chicken Challenge as well!

For more information about Farm Animal Week and to download a Chicken Challenge pack, visit