To coincide with the start of Downton Abbey this past weekend, we’ve found some unusual animal doppelgangers for the cast.

All these animals are waiting in our centres for their very own Dogton Abbey to call home.

Just like the cast of Downton Abbey, these dogs have come through their own trials and tribulations in the search for their happy ending.

As the country’s largest rehomer of pets we’re appealing to the fans of Downton Abbey to see if they can open their hearts to a dog in need of a home.

Richard the Basset hound © RSPCA

Downton Abbey - Mr CarsonHandsome basset hound Richard is extremely stubborn and enjoys plodding about in his own time. This may remind Downton fans of someone else in the series, the butler, Mr Carson. Five-year-old Richard can sometimes decide he doesn’t want his walk so will need some strong owners to persuade him to run around. He does have a playful side and likes his toys. Richard has also proved himself to be a good friend, just like Mr Carson, and can live with other dogs and even cats. Unfortunately poor Richard does suffer from health problems and has a cherry eye which requires cleaning. He is currently at our Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Aylesbury.

Indie the lurcher © RSPCA

Lady Mary - Downton AbbeyOur four-year-old lurcher Indie is just as beautiful and elegant as Lady Mary. Just like Lady Mary she hasn’t had an easy ride recently. She came into our Brent Knoll centre in Somerset in quite a poor condition. However with a strong will and determined nature Indie is now ready to be rehomed and is hoping that just like her look-a-like she can start afresh. Indie is affectionate and a good companion but is timid at first and a family would need to work with her to break down her barriers.

German Shepherd cross Dave © RSPCA

Robert Crawley - Downton AbbeyHandsome, loyal, and loving eight-year-old Dave shares many traits with his doppelganger Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham. German Shepherd cross Dave is at our Llys Nini Animal Centre. Dave is happiest when he’s out and about walking and exploring. He is sociable and loving just like Robert and is used to living with cats and dogs but prefers older children. Could he be the head of your household?

Mally the Saluki © RSPCA

Lady Edith - Downton AbbeyQuick, strong-willed and wonderful company, this Saluki has lots in common with Lady Edith. Mally the elegant Saluki is looking for a new home and just like country-loving Edith is keen to find his soulmate to love him and take him for long strolls in the countryside.  Our Durham and District Branch are hoping to help Mally find a new home with an active family who can lavish him with the love and attention he deserves. He can live with other dogs and will make the perfect doggy pal.

Angus © RSPCA

Thomas - Downton AbbeyPoor Angus came into us under terrible circumstances after being tethered to another dog who had attacked him. In fact his history is similar to that of his look-a-like, as fans of the real Downton Abbey will remember Thomas getting attacked while helping Jimmy after Thirsk fair in series three. Angus has come a long way since his ordeal, and has been through some intense treatment and training. He is now fully recovered and his scars are barely noticeable. Unlike Thomas who has a shady side to his character, Angus is desperate to please and would make a loving companion. However he is just as quick-witted as Thomas and has picked up his basic training very quickly. Angus even has one white paw, just like Thomas’ trademark glove. Angus is in our Bristol Dogs and Cats home waiting for his new start.

Jenny the Lurcher © RSPCA

Anna Bates - Downton AbbeyJust like dutiful Anna Bates, Jenny the Lurcher from our Little Valley Animal Shelter in Exeter would make the perfect loyal companion for her own Lady Mary. Jenny is a 2-3 year old Lurcher cross, with plenty of energy. Just like Anna she is always busy and loves dashing about. She is a very playful girl who enjoys nothing more than playing chase games with her Lurcher friends in the shelter. She would very much appreciate a similar dog in her new home with plenty of space to run about together.  Jenny is full of beans and is looking forward to long fun walks with her new family.

To see these and other animals in our care that are available for rehoming visit our pet search page.

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