We’ve launched an appeal for old towels to help orphaned seal pups recover at our East Winch Wildlife Centre.

Our centre in Norfolk is in desperate need of old towels to help provide much-needed warmth for seal pups being cared for at the hospital.

With 15 seals currently in the  intensive care unit, each being fed five times a day, and fresh towels needed every time - they are getting through up to 75 towels a day!

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The RSPCA are urging members of the public to vote with their feet and give a circus that has come to town in Buckley a miss.

The animal welfare charity has long been pushing for a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

Due to their dependency on regular travel, circuses cannot provide the sizeable and complex living conditions that are required for animals traditionally used in this way such as lions, zebras and tigers.

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Three puppies have been found dead in a weighted-down suitcase in the water at the port of Sunderland. The Staffordshire bull terrier types all had a severe skin condition and appear to have been poisoned.


The dogs were aged four or five months, and are believed to be from the same litter. Vets suspect the skin condition to be demodectic mange, and that they may have been poisoned with rat poison.


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A CAT has been rescued by the fire service and RSPCA after he became stuck up a 100 foot tree in Newport.

The scared moggie named Rocco had become trapped in a tree at at Gwyddon Road, Abercarn in Newport.

In order to bring the one-year-old black cat down to earth safely the RSPCA were called to the scene along with the rope rescue team from Malplas Fire Station on Thursday (7 August).

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There have been a record number of entries for the prestigious RSPCA and PRP Rescue Services Horse/Pony of the Year which aims to find the country’s best rescue equine.

There have already been more than 70 entries received for the competition, which is in its third year and is being held at Equifest on Saturday, 16 August.


Celebrating rescue horses and ponies at Equifest

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