He was so matted his fur had dreadlocks

We are searching for the owner of a dog found wandering on a Goldthorpe street who was unrecognisable because of his overgrown, matted coat.

RSPCA Inspector Sara Jordan said his coat was so matted that dreadlocks had formed around his feet and behind. They were so dirty that maggots had started living in his fur.


Unbelievable transformation

Sara could not believe the transformation after the dog’s dirty fur was trimmed right

back because he looked like a different dog.

She said:

“The poor chap’s coat was ridiculously tangled and dirty. He seems to have been well fed, but his fur was in a terrible state. There were even maggots in some of the dreadlocks, but thankfully they hadn’t spread to the dog’s actual body.

“To see him now, he’s almost unrecognisable to how he looked when I first saw him.”

The dog was found by a member of the public on Hope Avenue, in Goldthorpe, on Sunday, 27 July. They then phoned us and Sara picked up the dog and took him straight to a vet where he was checked over and had his matted fur cut off.

He is described as an adult male, somewhere around five to six-years-old, and was neutered.

He was so matted that dreadlocks had formedWesty dog looks unrecognisable after his hair cut

Sara added:

“I scanned him for a microchip, but there was no form of identification. He was wearing a navy blue fake leather collar with a buckle on it, but there was no tag on it and even that had been covered by the dog’s overgrown coat.


You couldn’t even see his eyes because his hair was so long and shaggy. There is such an incredible difference between the pictures of him before and after that it is hard to believe it is the same dog.


“To have been in the state he was though, he must have been left living in his own filth for several months, and that’s why we are asking anyone who knows who this dog belongs to contact us.”

The dog is currently being cared for by us, but is not currently available for rehoming.

Can you help?

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Inspector Jordan by leaving a message on the RSPCA appeals line, 0300 123 8018.