Gary launches three new make-up looks for glamorous summer holiday pics in support of our Makeover the World campaign.

Gary Cockerill applying makeup

As the holiday season approaches, our new research shows many women experiment with a different make-up style whilst abroad.

Almost two thirds (62 per cent) of women who do so saying this is to match their relaxed mood. Whilst a quarter (24 per cent) of women do so to look good in their holiday photos.

So in support of our Makeover the World campaign, which calls for a worldwide end to animal testing for cosmetics, celebrity makeup artist Gary Cockerill is encouraging beauty lovers to get glam and ditch the ‘bare-faced selfie’.

He has created three new make-up styles for animal-loving jetsetters to try out on holiday and share with friends and family.

Buy holiday favourite cosmetics before going on holiday

Gary says:

These looks are really easy to replicate on holiday – whether that’s in a swanky hotel room or a teepee in the middle of the desert. Try them yourself and share your selfie with the hashtag #makeovertheworld and help us put an end to animal testing for cosmetics worldwide.”

Gary is also working with us to remind beauty lovers to buy holiday favourites before they travel. In many countries outside the EU cosmetics products continue to be newly tested on animals.

Gary added:

“We all love to look fab on holiday, but many of us aren’t aware that the products we buy outside Europe may have been newly tested on animals. Make sure the price of beauty isn’t at the cost of animals’ lives by buying cruelty-free make-up before you travel.”

Prevent the suffering of animals for cosmetics

Since March 2013 it has been illegal in the EU to sell or market any products containing ingredients newly tested on animals. However, a number of well-known cosmetics companies continue to test on animals outside of the EU for their products sold elsewhere in the world.

Through the Makeover the World campaign, we want cosmetics companies to commit to no longer test on animals to develop or sell their products, and stronger laws worldwide to prevent the suffering of animals for cosmetics.

RSPCA campaigns manager, Eloise Shavelar, says:

“Many people believe that testing cosmetics using animals is a thing of the past. Yet thousands of animals over much of the world sadly still suffer in the name of beauty. We want to see the day when no new cosmetics products or ingredients are tested on any animal, anywhere in the world.


“If you need to stock up on cosmetics for your holiday please do buy them before you go. Or, if you’re just refreshing your make-up bag for the summer season, feel good about the animals and fill it with cruelty-free products. Also don’t forget to share your support and your makeover with us using #makeovertheworld.”

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