The RSPCA is appealing for information after an emaciated white German Shepherd was found tied to railings in a London street.

The female dog, now named Lemon, is thought to be around three years old. She was abandoned outside a vets in Church Lane in Brent on the morning of Friday 13 June. It is thought she was probably dumped there some time overnight. She was extremely underweight and in very poor condition with a nasty skin complaint which left bald patches in several places.

She was taken to a vet for treatment and is now in RSPCA care. As well as being underweight, the vet found that she had dermatitis on all four paws, alopecia on her flanks and extremely matted fur.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Bartle said: “It was certainly an unlucky Friday 13th for this poor dog.

“It simply is not acceptable to dump an animal in this way in the middle of the night with no one to care for her, especially in the poorly state she was in. The fact that she was near a vet doesn’t make any difference – it would have been a traumatic and terrifying experience for her and she could have come to all sorts of harm overnight.

“On top of this, Lemon’s terrible condition shows how badly she has been cared for. She was so thin and covered in bald patches due to her skin infection – clearly a victim of neglectful owners who have just not provided her with her basic needs.

“She is a lovely dog, although understandably timid and very nervous following her ordeal. It was really hard for me to leave her at the kennels as she just looked back at me in this heartbreaking way – as if to say ‘someone else is leaving me.’

“She will make someone a lovely pet when she is well enough for a new home.

“We urge anyone who may recognise the dog and know how she came to be left like this to call us on  0300 1234 8018.”

Lemon was found with two leads – one of which was a distinctive red with silver paw prints going up it. It is hoped she will make a full recovery and eventually be put up for rehoming, but this may take some time.